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Effectively Ensuring Your Apartment is Secure

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that if you move into an apartment building that somehow you are safer and that you minimize the chances of experience a home invasion. At Locksmith Buckhead in Atlanta, GA, we can tell you for certain that this isn’t always true. There are still plenty of ways for an intruder to gain access into your home. The key to avoiding this is to be proactive about securing your apartment. You might not think that there is anything that you can do in this regard but we assure you that there is.

Steps Before Moving Into an Apartment

  • Replace Existing Locks

    No matter what they say to you, you should always ask to have your locks replaced. To ensure that it is, you might even go as far as purchasing the lock that you would like to be installed. The problem with an apartment building replacing the lock is that they do not always do what they say they did. In many cases, a landlord may simply move one lock to another. The problem is that someone still has a key to that lock. They may go around the building trying their key in every lock until they are able to gain entry into the one that fits the key. Don’t take unnecessary chances, have the locks changed.

  • Check Window Locks

    The windows are often overlooked. This is why we feel it is necessary to mention this to you. Check the locks of your windows to make sure they are nice and sturdy. If they look as though they have been tampered with or that they are old and rusty, have them changed. The window is another entryway that is easy to access. This is especially true if your apartment sits in the back of the building and is on the floor or ground level.

  • Check the Upkeep of the Property

    This requires that you walk around the inside and outside of the property, not just inside the apartments. The upkeep of the property is a good indication of how management will care for its tenants. If there is poor lighting because the bulbs haven’t been changed, debris all over the parking area, trash bins overflowing, broken windows or water stains, beware. When the property is not being maintained, which is basic upkeep, it is unlikely that management will be concerned about your safety and well-being.

  • Check the Lighting

    Checking the lighting around the property is important because where there is limited lighting, there is more of a chance for burglars to be on the prow. A burglar will hangout in the areas of a building where there is little or no lighting. This is why it is a good idea to check to see if there is sufficient lighting in the parking lot, walkways, laundry area, stairways, elevators and mail area.

  • Find Out About Crime

    Moving into a high crime area is never recommended. However, if you do not do your research prior to moving into your apartment, you may have to find out the hard way that you’re actually living in a high crime area. Consult with management prior to moving in to find out how much information they will offer you regarding the crime in the area. If they do not offer this information, you can always get a report from the local law enforcement office. Some will even offer you a written report. If you would rather get your information online, you can find out about the crime in a specific area by going to CrimeMapping.com and CrimeReports.com.

  • Peephole

    If you are not accustomed to living in an apartment, you might not even notice that there is no peephole, once you’ve moved in. This is why you should make sure that there is one before moving into your new apartment. If you find out that there is no peephole, inquire as to how you can have one installed. Being able to see who is at our door before opening it, serves as a great source of protection for you.

Steps After Moving Into an Apartment

  • Purchase Great Blinds

    Whether you like blinds or curtains, make sure that you are not able to see through them when closed. You wouldn’t want those on the outside to see what is on the inside of your home, thus making what you have alluring for a would-be burglar. An intruder is less prone to break into a home when they do not know what is inside. If they know you have a 55” Smart tv, this might be worth the risk to them. Make sure you buy blinds that you can’t see through when it is dark outside and the lights are on inside your home.

  • Have Deadbolt Locks Installed

    Deadbolt locks are among the most durable locks offered today. They can be added to a door alongside most other locks. These types of locks simply add to your level of home security. There are several types offered today so make sure you are fully aware of the various types offered so that you can make a well-informed decision.

  • Make Sure Sliding Glass Doors are Secured

    You might naturally consider the level of security that your front door has but you might not readily consider the level of security that your patio or balcony sliding door may have. The sliding door usually only has a lock that is good for keeping the door shut. If you want to make sure no one can come into your home through your sliding glass door, you will need to secure it with a bar across the track or by buying a bar lock to secure the door.

Some apartment complexes will do their part in keeping their tenants safe but there are those who will not put too much effort into doing this. This is why we encourage you to consider what you can do and do it, in order to remain safe.