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How to Choose a Commercial Lock

When you own or operate a commercial business, it is important that you make sure your investment is well protected. This can be accomplished when you have the right type of locks installed. If you lack sufficient security features, you risk experiencing a break-in. Just because you have never had a break-in doesn’t mean that it can’t happen. In fact, it usually happens when you least expect it to. Make sure you’re prepared either way by making sure you have the best commercial locks installed. You can depend on a reputable locksmith like Locksmith Buckhead in Buckhead, GA to offer you great options. They know which types of commercial locks are the most durable and resistant to attempted break-ins. There are definitely some locks used most often for commercial use than others because of their effectiveness.

Below is a list of the most widely used and requested commercial locks.

Deadbolt Locks

There is no doubt about it; deadbolt locks are effective in keeping out intruders. This is why it remains the most requested high security lock. This type of lock is so effective that is often used for residential and commercial customers. While some are installed on the interior doors, most are installed on the exterior doors. This prevents entry into the business from the outside. Deadbolt locks are made to avoid forced entry. There are both high-security deadbolt locks and standard dead-bolt locks. It makes sense to have the high-security deadbolt installed for your commercial business. The way they are designed and the materials used, makes it impossible for someone to break it. An intruder would literally have to take off the whole door and all of its components in order to gain access. This is way more work than most intruders intend on doing in order to gain access into your business.


This is a durable lock that is not always a person’s first choice. However, in recent years they have become more popular because of their ease of use. They can be transferred from one door to the next. Padlocks are usually installed on interior doors of businesses. This helps to protect important information and expensive equipment in a specified area of the business. Padlocks are offered a variety of types and sizes. They can be utilized with or without a key. The padlock key is hard for someone to cut with a bolt cutter and this makes it among the most popular types of locks used today.


These locks can typically be found on glass entry doors, offering maximum security. A rim lock is used in rim latch locks, mounted inside the door. There is a long metal piece protruding out of the back of the door directly into the locking device on the opposite side. Two screws hold them together. A mortise lock is screwed directly into the hardware, which is mounted inside the door. With a cam, the door opens. Mortise locks are offered in different sizes and cam options.

Lever Handles Locks

This is another type of lock that is typically used internally. They do not usually have the same features that are used for exterior doors, nor do they have the same level of durability. The lever handle lock can not be easily pushed open because you have to turn the knob in order to it to open. A lever handle can be adjusted to suit your needs whether you’re right handed or left handed.

Cam Locks

A cam lock is usually used on file cabinets, mailboxes, drawers and desk. Typically they are placed anywhere that confidential paperwork is kept. Even if you already have a lock, it certainly can’t hurt to have an extra lock be sure that no one is able to break-in. It also offers you peace-of-mind in knowing you have an extra level of security for your important paperwork and information.

IC (Interchangeable Core) Cylinders

You are afforded flexibility with this type of lock. It can easily be adjusted and changed. When someone is let go from your employment, you might need to change the locks so that access is no longer possible. The core is changed without the locksmith ever having to change out the locks hardware. This is a convenient way to secure certain areas of your business and is a great option, especially if there is a consistent turnover.

Keyless Locks

This is an effective lock that is also convenient since you do not have to worry about using a key to gain access. Keyless locks provide business owners with a wide selection of choices. You can choose from biometric sensors, programmable key codes and fob keys. Some keyless options offer mechanical overrides. This is great when you have certain areas that you only want to offer specific people access to. Keyless entry access can be more expensive than other options but it provides another level of security. Some can even be customized to suit the needs of your business. If you’re not familiar with the various options that are available to you, make sure you know what your specific needs are in order to make a wise decision as to where you would like the keyless entry installed within your business.

When you want to protect your investment, you will have to think seriously about the type of locks you currently have installed. If you can honestly say that your business is as secure as it can be, you won’t need any additional locks. If you aren’t sure that your business is as secure as it can be, consider all of the many options currently available to you and consult with a qualified locksmith about where they would be most useful. The above listed locks are simply the most requested commercial locks that are used today. Since there are far too many locks that you have to choose from, consulting with a locksmith is the best way of determining which type of commercial locks would be best for your needs. Have them properly installed by a reputable locksmith.