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Why deadbolts are for homeowners

Are you a homeowner? Do you feel safe at home? It’s a proven fact that the type and quality of your residential locks can affect your ability to stay safe. Here at Locksmith Buckhead, we often get asked about which locks are best for home use. Since Buckhead, GA is usually classed as a high end community, customers are often surprised by our answer; the deadbolt! The truth is, that deadbolts can keep your home safer no matter how much or how little it is valued. We install deadbolt locks on everything from entry level condos to custom mansions. Why? Because they work!

How boring!

Deadbolts are not exciting or fancy. In fact, compared to more expensive hardware like biometric locks or keyless entry systems, the plain deadbolt is almost boring. Here’s where the magic lies; deadbolts are not expensive or attention getting, yet they work and work well to keep out unwanted intruders. You get more “bang for the buck” adding a deadbolt lock to your front door than you would with just about any other comparably priced product.

What about alarms and guard dogs?

They are great if that’s what you want but there’s no need to go that far when simply trying to bolster your residential security. An established full service locksmith shop will offer hundreds of products and services for you to choose from. Some may appeal to you; others not. Overall, the simple and affordable deadbolt lock offers the most value, so don’t rule it out!

A deadbolt; the definition

You might know what a deadbolt lock is, or you might have some vague idea. You’ve seen them often, we are sure. The standard deadbolt is installed in the front door. It has a steel bolt that goes into the wall’s door jamb and strike plate of the door frame when the knob is turned. The knob is on the inside and on the outside is a slot for the key to go in. What’s so special about that? Plenty. If your well-installed deadbolt is locked and in place, the door cannot be simply kicked in like you see in the movies and television so often. A huge percentage of home invasions and burglaries occur when forced entry is used. Why make it easy for them? You can frustrate a crook and even thwart them by simply having a deadbolt lock and using it.

Deadbolts for the win!

Another impressive way that deadbolts bolster your home security is by frustrating any would-be burglars or unwanted intruders. If they manage to pick or bypass your main door lock, they now have to do the same with your locked deadbolt. Too much to ask? Often; yes! This extra time and effort spent tackling your deadbolt allows you, the homeowner time to call police or arm yourself. This is usually too risky for the intruder and they will usually give up and move on. During a crisis like this, seconds count and if your deadbolt lock can hold off an intruder even for a little while, it is well worth the investment.

Pros and cons

Everything has pros and cons; even deadbolts. The main reason that deadbolts can fail you is that they are simply not used. People get lazy and often don’t lock the deadbolt. Sometimes, they don’t even lock the main door lock. There was a time in the not too distant past when you didn’t have to lock up so securely. Neighbors, friends and relatives often simply walked into your home and made themselves comfortable. This can still be seen in small, rural communities where most everyone knows each other. This type of behavior is just asking for trouble. The same is true for cheap or poorly installed deadbolts. They won’t help much if you truly need them to. Locks often give the impression of protection and security but only to amateur criminals and rambunctious teens looking for some mischief. An experienced burglar will get past that flimsy deadbolt in no time flat. If you’re going to have a deadbolt lock, make sure it is installed correctly and that the lock is of good quality.

Adding a deadbolt is not an expense; it’s an investment

Either way you look at it, getting a deadbolt lock on your front door is an investment in your security and well-being. This is true for both homeowners and renters. Typically, a renter cannot make structural changes to an apartment or house. While they can’t; the owners can and adding a deadbolt to a property also adds to the value of that real estate. It’s not cosmetic as once installed, the lock actually becomes a part of the property. Not only does this add to the home’s value; it enhances the ability to sell or rent it at a later date! Be sure that your lock’s steel bolt extends fully into the slot in the door jamb. A metal strike plate will reinforce the hole that the bolt goes into. 3 inch screws are typically used to reinforce the strike plate into the studs of the property’s frame. If you have any questions or want further details on any of this we recommend either calling an established locksmith in your town or by going online and searching for the keywords “deadbolt installation” and following their guidelines.

So how do I get a good deadbolt for my home?

Our recommendation is to use a full service residential locksmith shop like ours. If you don’t live in the area, choose one near you. Insist on licensed, bonded and insured professionals that offer affordable prices and 24-hour emergency service. A good locksmith is worth is weight in gold; literally. If you are more into do-it-yourself, get a good locksmith locally from a home improvement store like Lowe’s or Home Depot. They usually have experienced and knowledgeable staff that can help you select the right model for your needs. They won’t be able to install it for you but that’s why you opted for self-service. The bottom line is this; get a good deadbolt and use it for better home protection.