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At first, having a home safe sounds like something right out of James Bond movie! You might be thinking “what do I have that makes me need a safe at my Buckhead, GA house?” The answer may surprise you! Protecting your valuables is always important. Considering that Buckhead is the ninth wealthiest zip code in the nation, it stands to reason that you probably have valuables worth protecting in a home safe. These items might include cash, bonds, jewelry and even guns. Having a home safe give you added peace of mind knowing that your precious items are safe from theft, fire, accidental discovery or wind and floods. Let’s itemize what could go into your home safe and why.


This can include spare cash to be used for a “rainy day” or for emergencies. You don’t have to be a “prepper” to save a little urgent money. The bank atm machine may be down or highly inconvenient to go to and having ready access to hard cash is always a good thing. Cash can be used in a variety of ways including emergency car repairs, pet emergencies, health expenses, dental procedures, charity donations, handyman expenses, home improvement, tax bills, job loss and even funeral expenses! You can also count bonds, stock certificates, mortgage notes, warranties, insurance papers, tax returns, appraisals and other important documents as needing to be kept in your locked safe. Important key codes, combinations and passwords are also vital for your financial security. You can have these on paper or secured on a flash drive and then stored in your safe for fast and secured access when needed.


Both sexes can have expensive jewelry like watches, rings, necklaces, fountain pens, investment grade diamonds, loose gems and other collectibles. You don’t want just anyone having access to these items. Often a realistic fake is worn to a gala or dinner while the authentic piece is “safe” in the safe at home! Many times treasured family or investment heirlooms can be kept in the home safe. These can include old or special photographs, art work, keepsakes, old letters, antiques and even artifacts from travel or expeditions to other countries.


You certainly don’t want firearms lying around the house! Not with children, guests or neighbors coming and going at all hours. Every year accidents occur when someone discovers a loaded gun and shoots themselves or a sibling by mistake. Not only can this lead to tragic circumstances but the legal liabilities can be tremendous. There is a vast assortment of home safes specifically for guns and other weapons that are available for your Buckhead, GA home.


No, not the band; the elements! Flooding, tornadoes, earthquake and fires can all damage property. While you can’t prevent them from occurring you can take measures to protect your valuables by keeping them in a dry, secure location like a home safe. Flash flooding, range fires, tornadoes and severe thunderstorms are common in the greater Atlanta/Buckhead region and while we are too far inland for hurricanes, we do experience extreme heat and humidity in the summer months. All these can wreak havoc with your valuables so it’s best to secure them in a home safe as soon as possible.


You might be thinking that if an intruder sees a home safe that he will automatically think you have something worth stealing. This is wrong on many counts. First of all your safe can be hidden from plain view so that only you and your close associates or family members know of its location. You can speak to one of our Locksmith Buckhead experts about this and we can provide you with many ways in which to use “stealth” methods to keep your home safe out of plain view.

Also, please consider that most burglars are looking for easy targets. They want the “grab and run” valuables like electronics, flat screens, tablets, X-Box type games, smart phones, lap tops and other items that can be quickly sold or pawned with little to no hassle on their part. Crooks like these are not experienced and hardened thieves like what the movies show and anything that makes their stealing process harder is actually a deterrent to them. Opening or moving a heavy locked metal safe is not part of the “grab and run” mentality and the longer they take to get your safe open the more chance they have of getting caught and arrested.


It’s exactly how it sounds; a safe in your wall. “As seen on TV” is such a cliché but in this case, it applies. These wall safes can be installed and hidden behind a picture, a bookcase, a painting or even a tapestry or wall panel. Some custom home builders even incorporate these wall safes into a room behind the bookcase or wall panel much like a panic room.


These are commonly seen in luxury hotel rooms or behind the desk in many hotel lobbies. They are so heavy that they are quite hard to steal and most amateur burglars won’t even try. Their drawback is that they are quite noticeable and almost scream “valuable stuff here” so it’s up to decide is this is an option.


These too are often seen in the movies, in fact the recent hit REVENGE showed one in almost every episode. Like wall safes these floor models are great at hiding your valuables from plain sight and they too come in various sizes and strengths.


You have a vast selection of home safe choices to consider. You can do an online search to gain more knowledge of prices, brands, reviews and warranties. You can also call safe dealers and locksmith shops in the Buckhead, GA area for additional information and for free price quotes. Of course you can always call our Locksmith Buckhead shop and get free consultations, price quotes and details so that you can make an informed and intelligent decision about your home safe purchase.