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Does your Buckhead, GA business use panic bars? Maybe it doesn’t yet, but panic bars might just be of great use to you and your firm. It doesn’t matter what your product or service happens to be, or how many staff members you have; panic bars add many benefits and safety features to your local company and reading our Locksmith Buckhead post will help you make an intelligent decision whether to add them or not.

So, what are panic bars?

If you don’t already know, you are going to be surprised at our answer! You’ve seen panic bars thousands of times and probably never realized just what you are looking at. Panic bars are also known as push bars, crash bars, and exit devices. They are those horizontal metal bars installed on exit doors that allow you to open the door by pushing on it. Chances are that you’ve not only seen them many times, but you’ve used them, too. Panic bars have been around since the turn of the century. There’s a good reason we still use them; they work!

Panic bars allow folks to exit the building easier and faster. This results in added safety as no door knobs are needed to be turned or unlocked. The unlocking takes place when you push on the panic bar. These useful devices are not only in use more than ever, they are often required by many local building codes and regulations as well as by county fire departments.

Panic bars are everywhere!

Now, we predict that you will see panic bars everywhere you go in the Buckhead, GA metro area. In fact, they are all over Atlanta and the rest of the country. It’s much like when you buy a certain brand of car. Soon you start noticing that make or model everywhere you go! Panic bars can be found in hospitals, movie theaters, grocery stores, schools, laundromats, restaurants, shoe stores, dry cleaners, fast food outlets, apartment buildings, mall shops, car dealerships, retail stores, home improvement centers and hundreds more! From credit unions to warehouses, panic bars serve a real purpose; to make your exit a safer, faster and more convenient one!

Are panic bars required?

They may be! If your Buckhead, GA business already has them, leave them installed and use them. If you don’t have them yet, strongly consider installing them and using them. They are usually installed on exit doors that swing outward and that have no door knob on the outside. The panic bar opens the door from the inside when pushed against it. The exit device not only unlatches the door, it also unlocks it. This dramatically improves crowd flow and exit control methods. This is true even during normal use and is especially so when a fast exit is needed by many people. Examples of this include when there is an emergency situation inside the store or building, and a rapid evacuation is needed in an orderly and safe manner. Fires, armed intruders, medical emergencies or natural disasters are common examples of this. Not having panic bars can lead to bottle necking of foot traffic and often stampedes can occur due to the rushing crowd’s inability to get out of the premises quickly and in an orderly manner

Can your business afford panic bars?

Yes, it probably can; panic bars are not expensive and often they can be expensed out if your business can show their addition as a building improvement which it is. If you own your commercial location, it’s an easy choice to make. If you are leasing space, you will have to check with your commercial landlord if you are going to make alterations to his building but don’t be afraid to inquire; it may just be something that the owners need, want or have been already looking into!

You can purchase panic bars through local builders, home improvement centers, contractors, commercial locksmith shops and from property rehabbers and real estate developers. Like anything else, shop around for best price and don’t forget to include volume discounts if multiple bars are purchased and installed. Don’t forget to take into account installation charges, warranty protection and maintenance fees.

Do a little research

It’s always wise to run some online checks on customer reviews, pricing, and hardware availability and options. Use your favorite web browser to search for panic bar models, sizes and materials. See what customers have written about the panic bars they’ve bought and/or used. Here in Buckhead, GA there are many options available to you for securing, installing and servicing your new commercial panic bars. Our Locksmith Buckhead shop offers a vast array of panic bars for purchase including installation and maintenance options and warranty protection. Call us or your favorite local commercial locksmith for pricing information, installation times and to get any of your questions answered.

Possible panic bar problems

Like everything else, panic bars can age, become damaged, or need servicing. One thing that sometimes happens is that they can become stuck. This happens rarely but you should be aware that it can happen. This can pose a problem for a business owner when he or she is trying to open for business or close up shop for the day. Panic bars can “freeze” in the open (unlocked) or locked position and make it hard to leave the store or shop when it is in this condition.

While there are online videos that explain how to unlock panic bars, as a business person your time is important. Even if you have the time and inclination to apply “do-it-yourself” panic bar repairs, there are so many makes and models in use that it might be difficult to find the right video to match your particular needs. Our recommendation is to simply call your commercial locksmith of choice and have them service your exit device. Not only is professional panic bar unlocking more effective, but as a business expense, it just might be a write-off on your taxes later!