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Keeping your home secure is a top priority for homeowners, no matter where you are living. Whether you’re in an apartment, multi-family home (such as a duplex or triplex), or single family home, one of the first things you will assess, even subconsciously, is how secure the home is. When you are thinking of purchasing or renting your new place, you will look around and see where potential security pitfalls lie. A good locksmith can help you close any gaps in your residential security, to ensure that your family and valuables are kept as safe as possible.

Residential locksmiths offer a full range of services to help keep your home safe. While some of these services are common, they may also have security solutions that you haven’t thought of that can really enhance your homes security. Here are a list of popular services to consider when you are trying to upgrade the security of your residential property.


Deadbolts are the cornerstone of your home security solutions. They are a basic solution to keeping your home and family safe and secure. Most homes have some sort of deadbolt installed. The most common kind is the single cylinder deadbolt. This is operated by a turn knob on the inside (and your key on the outside). When you turn the knob a steel bolt extends and fits inside your door jamb. A positive of using a deadbolt is that it makes it harder for intruders to force their way into your property. According to FBI statistics, almost 60% of burglaries are committed using forced entry - meaning these burglars are simply forcing their way into people’s doors. Deadbolts add an extra layer of security, and they are pretty inexpensive. It is best to have a licensed locksmith install your deadbolt, so that you can be sure it has been done correctly.

Re-keying or changing of door locks

If you’ve just moved into your place, you were definitely given a set of keys. Many homeowners believe that the previous owner has turned over all keys, and they just go ahead and use their copy without thinking much about it. This can be a mistake. When you receive the keys to your home, you have no idea of how many copies can be floating around out there. Did the previous owner have a renter? That person could still have their keys and have access to your home. When you purchase a resale home, it is best to take full security precautions. Get all the locks on the doors either changed or rekeyed. You only want people of your choosing to have access to your home. Call a licensed and insured locksmith and have them come through and assess your home. You may only need to change or rekey the locks on doors that provide outside access.

Sliding Door Security

If your home has a patio door or a sliding glass door, then you will need to secure these doors correctly. These doors can be seen as a weak point that intruders can capitalize on to gain access to your home and possessions. Some people choose to install a lock and key on their patio door. This can be an option, especially if you don’t use the door that often. There are specialty locks on the market that will help to make your sliding doors more secure. An issue that has been noticed in the past is that sliding doors could be “jiggled” from the outside, and this would eventually lead to the lock opening. A solution to that is to have a locksmith install a “sliding door loop lock”. This type of lock dramatically increases the security on your sliding doors. Another option is to put door sensors on the door. This way, an alert would sound in the home anytime your back door is opened. If you have a security system, this can all be tied into the system and the proper authorities can be dispatched should the sensor be triggered.

Home Safes

It can be extremely difficult and time consuming to replace important documents. So where do you store these items? Many people simply keep their documents in a drawer in their home. This makes them susceptible to theft. Thieves look for your personal information (such as your birth certificate, passport information, social security number etc.), as this information can be sold and used to commit identity theft. In recent years, there have been countless media reports on how identity theft is ruining people's lives, and on how it is very hard to get the fraudulent information reversed. This is where prevention can be so important. It may be worthwhile for you to install a safe in your home. These safes are difficult to break into, and the average home burglar will not have the wherewithal to gain access to your safe. The safe can be used to store your important documents. You can also store any valuables (such as jewelry and family heirlooms), cash, business ledgers and bank information. A good residential locksmith can discuss the options available on the market with you, and help you choose a home safe that would suit you. They can also install the safe for you.

There are many things to keep in mind when deciding on home security measures. As you can see, it’s about more than just keeping undesirable people out. You also have to think about ways to protect your identity and banking information. We know that your home is a place you want to feel safe and secure, that is why having a locksmith come and take a look at your property can really be a great help to you. Locksmiths offer a wide range of services in addition to the ones mentioned above. They can also look at your existing locks, and they may be able to suggest high security locks you can swap some of your existing locks out for. If you are in Buckhead, GA the expert team at Locksmith Buckhead would be happy to assist you. Call us for a free consultation today.