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What to do in Different Lockout Situations

Locksmiths in Buckhead, GA, will often attend to a variety of different lockout calls in the area. These can take many forms, and may occur at different times of the day, meaning locals may feel a bit frustrated if they find themselves in this sticky situation.

So you found yourself locked out of your house. Trying to break in will just lead to bigger problems, and you don’t want to spend hours stranded outside your home. What do you next?

What about your vehicle? Nobody wants to be unable to access their car late at night when they are simply trying to get home. It is a frustrating situation that nobody wants to be in, and that nobody really prepares for. 

These are among the different issues we will discuss today.

You should be able to get assistance for all types of lockouts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from a local locksmith business. These businesses operate around the clock to provide all types of emergency lock and key help, and they will get to you quite quickly. It is an affordable solution to lockouts that all locals can easily access at their convenience.

We want you to be fully informed about the different types of lockouts you may be faced with. So here is a basic guide to follow if you ever find yourself in such an unfortunate scenario.

What is a lockout?

As the name suggests, a lockout is any situation you are locked out of a property, building, or vehicle. These may occur for a number of different reasons, and we strongly recommend you let a locksmith know exactly how you ended up getting locked out so they can quickly identify the best possible solutions.

As we already mentioned, lockouts can happen for many different reasons. So we will tell you a bit about the most common requests Buckhead, Georgia, locksmiths attend to on a day to day basis. 

Here is a handy breakdown of the most common lockout scenarios in Buckhead, GA.

Examples of lockouts homeowners may be faced with:

  • Forgetting your keys inside your home before locking the door behind you
  • Kids accidentally closing a door behind them and locking it
  • Broken locks – because of a break-in attempt, because of wear and tear, or just damage that was not tended to appropriately
  • Lost keys – we recommend a lock change in this situation, so that nobody can access your home without your knowledge
  • A key has broken or is jammed into the lock  

Examples business owners or office workers may encounter:

  • Lock malfunction of any kind – again, either because of old age or damage  
  • Broken locks 
  • Lost keys
  • Damage due to forced entry
  • Door becomes stuck because the key has broken inside the lock
  • Security systems backfired     

And automotive lockouts may mean you have: 

  • A key locked inside car or boot
  • Lost your car keys
  • Damaged transponder chips
  • A broken key that needs extracting 
  • A door latch that became stuck and won’t open

As you can see, these are quite similar by nature. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact a locksmith and ask. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

What to do during a lockout 

We strongly recommend you contact a locksmith if your lockout situation is the direct result of damaged components. Remember, faulty locks and keys can be a huge security hindrance, leaving properties prone to break-ins and theft. Prevent these problems by having all issues addressed as soon as possible – trust us, it will make a great deal of difference to your security.   

Here are the steps to take if you find yourself locked out of your home, office, or vehicle: 

When you are locked out of your house, flat or office building 

  • Check if there is no other way inside – in some situations, you may be able to access your property through another door. 
  • Don’t try to break in – this will only cause further damage, and bigger headaches. Like we said, broken locks and faulty security are a huge liability.  
  • Call a locksmith and tell them your situation 

When locked out of your car

This is a situation where a locksmith should be called right away.

Tell the locksmith the exact issue you are faced with, so they know what tools to bring for the job. No spare key? A locksmith will come equipped to re-open the door.
Keys not working? Locksmiths can diagnose the problem – may be as simple as replacing a battery, or it may be you need a key replacement

What can a locksmith do in a lockout situation?

We have already explained that a good locksmith should be able to help you regain access to your property or vehicle whilst ensuring that your security is back into shape.

Locksmiths are trained to do the job painlessly and effortlessly.  They will be able to access your home, office space or vehicle in a way that will not incur any further damage. No locks will be damaged, no windows will be broken, and all faulty components will be given the care and attention that they deserve. They will also help you replace missing keys, re-key locks, or replace damaged locks and other security fixtures.

In short, locksmiths are here to reduce the stress you may encounter during a lockout, which is only one of the goals for Locksmith Buckhead experts. You will get assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for all issues so that you are not having to resort to drastic measures that undermine your security. 

So now you know what to do in a lockout situation. Remember to keep the number of a locksmith in an easy to access location, such as your cell phone’s contact book, so that you can get the assistance you require promptly. Locksmiths are concerned about your personal safety, so contact a Buckhead, GA, professional without any hesitation.