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Losing a transponder key can be a very stressful situation! One of the first things to go through your head mind is “Who has access to my key and now to my vehicle? What if it’s a criminal or car thief?”Secondly, you wonder how you will gain access to your own vehicle! No matter what make or model of auto you drive, a licensed, bonded, and insured automotive locksmith should be able to help you replace your transponder key. Many shops like this are here in the Buckhead, GA region so it shouldn’t be hard to find a reputable, affordable, and fully certified one. They should be able to help you replace your transponder key as well as program it for you. It’s smart to do a quick web search on your mobile phone or laptop for a qualified and experienced automotive locksmith. Here at Locksmith Buckhead, we offer fast responding, highly professional, 24-hour service that includes transponder key duplication and programming.

Are All My Car Keys Transponder Keys?

That depends; how modern are your vehicles? Unless you are driving older cars, your keys are most likely transponder ones. These specialized keys have a microchip inserted in them that gives out a signal to the computer in your car’s engine telling it that it’s safe to start. Transponder keys cut down on vehicle theft but are expensive and a hassle to replace if lost.

What If Only My Transponder Chip Is Missing?

Most times the entire key is lost but often, only the transponder chip is missing. Either way, a professional automotive locksmith in Buckhead, GA should be called. You may be wondering just how the chip alone could become lost. It usually happens when the key falls or is dropped on a hard surface. The force of the key hitting the ground can dislodge the chip. It’s easy to pick up the key and not realize that the transponder chip is no longer attached to it. By the time you realize you are missing this important part of your key,you have already left the location where you dropped it. During incidences like this you will need to call an automotive locksmith professional like Locksmith Buckhead. We will be able to make and/or program a new chip for your key. There is always the option of going to your automotive dealer but this method takes longer and is much more expensive than going through a local Buckhead, GA locksmith.

Why Not Go Through My Car Dealer?

As we said earlier your automotive dealer is an expensive option. Not only do they charge more than an automotive locksmith, many of them will even require you to have the car towed in to them! Now you have tow fees to pay in addition to what the dealer charges to duplicate your transponder key! Additionally, you need an appointment plus you have to endure long waits while the work is done. A much smarter way is to call a local automotive locksmith shop like Locksmith Buckhead. Our technicians are mobile, highly affordable, and offer convenient and fast service. One good idea is to have an extra transponder key made in the event that your main key becomes lost again. Having a backup key is always a good idea as you can keep this key in your glove box, on a key chain, in your purse, or give it to a trusted family member, friend or neighbor.

Can I Buy A Transponder Key Online?

Doing a simple search for transponder key duplicates on Craigslist or EBay will find you many listings. Here at Locksmith Buckhead we highly discourage buying one of these. Not only does it cost you extra money, you must wait for the key to get to you. Furthermore, the keys almost always do not work. Even if the seller is local, you are buying a poor quality key from a complete stranger, who once he delivers the key to you, will realize that you are very vulnerable and easy to take advantage of. Our Buckhead, GA automotive locksmiths are often asked about key insurance. We don’t recommend this as the cost of purchasing lost key replacement insurance is a very comparable to what you would just pay to have a spare transponder key made. Our recommendation is to have us or your favorite automotive locksmith replace your transponder key and make you a spare as we discussed earlier.

More Tips

Do you lose your keys frequently? You might seriously consider buying a key locator device. These are often found online. Check Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target and Craigslist websites. The cost is usually under $40.00. The drawback to this method however, is that the key locator only works within a small range like your home or your car. Use these little devices if you are constantly losing your keys behind cushions or under furniture. On the other hand, they would be useless to you if you lost your keys at a sporting event or shopping mall as the search area is much too large. Our suggestion here at Locksmith Buckhead is to simply get used to keeping your keys in the same place whenever you are not using them. Get out of the habit of laying them down anyplace convenient. Learning to be better organized and careful is always a good thing and costs nothing at all.

Choose A Good Locksmith!

All automotive locksmiths are not equal! Far from it! Be sure to   work only with full service licensed professionals. Please don’t be tempted to go with the cheapest, as the old saying “you get what you pay for” is very true. Choose a locksmith that offers mobile assistance, direct to you, wherever you are in town. Whether your car is at home or in a parking lot, you will want an experienced, fully insured and bonded professional to help you with your auto locks and keys. Here at Locksmith Buckhead, we are very affordable and offer fast, 24-hour service that includes transponder key cutting, programming and duplicating. We invite you to call anytime with your questions and for fast and responsive service.